Hatchlings & Fluffy Cygnet’s classes (30 mins) – £5.50

Cygnets & Fledgling’s classes (45 mins) – £6.00

Swans classes (1hr) – £7

Private lessons (1hr) – £40



From walking – 2.5yrs

A child’s first introduction to ballet. A friendly and fun class developing rhythm and musicality through movement. Classes are a combination of classical music and nursery rhymes. We use props and each class is lightly themed with a modern tune or two! Parents or carers are required to join in the fun, which is lovely bonding time together. 

30 mins


Fluffy Cygnets

2 – 4yrs

In this pre-school class, we learn basic ballet steps developing your child’s coordination, musicality and concentration skills in an inclusive and non-competitive environment. Children are encouraged to explore their imaginations using props and fun music, with each week being lightly themed. They will also dance to classical music and nursery rhymes. Parents or carers are welcome to join if needed or watch from the sides but must remain on the premises.

30 mins



Primary grade 

This class becomes a little more structured as we start to follow the I.S.T.D. grades at primary level. We learn lots more steps, however, the environment is still lots of fun and relaxed, and we will always do some free, non-syllabus work to some fun music. We split the class into 20 minutes of ballet, 5 minutes drink/toilet break and 20 minutes of modern. Parents are encouraged to wait outside of the hall, however, if your child is more comfortable with you there, this is fine. We want everyone to feel happy and confident.

45 mins



Grade one

In this class, we learn more advanced Ballet steps and begin to focus on technique and performance quality. We follow the structure of the I.S.T.D. grade 1 in addition to some free, non-syllabus fun dances. Although this class becomes a little more focussed, we want to keep a non-competitive, non-pressurised atmosphere. Parents are encouraged to wait outside of the studio.

45 mins




This class is for adults of ALL ages. Ballet is such a calm and graceful way to exercise and is so good for the body. We will begin class with a warm-up, followed by around 30 minutes of barre work. We then continue dancing in the centre and finish up with a couple of gentle Pilates exercises & stretching. Have an hour to yourself to zone out, improve general fitness, core control, posture, balance, flexibility and coordination. You may have danced many years ago and miss it, or you may be a complete beginner, all ages and abilities are welcome!



Private Lessons

All ages

Available upon request on an adhoc basis.

Bespoke class catered towards your needs – you may want extra technique or performance coaching in preparation for an exam or competition. You may be a complete beginner and want to learn more steps and progress your development on a one-to-one basis. Or you may be a family or bunch of friends who just want to do it for fun!




Boys and men are SO welcome at CTS!